Cleaning Management Software Competitors 

Industry Alliances

We keep an eye on our competition and encourage you to do due diligence and make informed decisions. Note we offer competitive upgrades for owners of any of the following, contact us for details, we're sure you'll find it worth your while.

Smart Facility Software (formerly ESC) Healthcare oriented, good software, but perhaps overpriced.

Hunter Consulting and Training  (focused on APPA/Higher Ed) and that's where we started before Hunter. Demo to compare.

Housekeeping Systems, Inc.   It looks like they're still distributing Breeze, now defunct, hope they can support it.

qhTechnologies Looks a tad out-of-date, but perhaps true workloading (task driven)

Digital Housekeeper Web-hosted, healthcare-oriented and true workloading. Not bad, worth a demo. Check the speed though. Cost and speed are the big questions.

Hillyard CCAP Web-based, decent, if not stellar. The only issue is that if you want to use their software, you have to buy their products and if you change vendors, you lose your work.

Spartan Compuclean This software is available to customer's of Spartan Chemical, the same business model used by Hillyard. Similarly, the game is over if one changes chemical suppliers.

TMA Systems The custodial management module works with their CMMS facility management software. Its not clear if the module is available separately.
Data Know How Sometimes a competitor, but also a friend. This software is unique in that it is driven by graphics (floor plans) rather than a tabular data. Developed in Denmark in the 80's, it's come to dominate the market in Scandanavia.

Since our software cannot meet every need, in 2011 we introduced the software to N. America. We're happy to arrange a demo of this package if you'd like to see it in action.

R.I.P.Former Foes, Now Vanquished

Classic workloading was never a crowded field, but gets smaller over time. It's a tough business. These once were and are no more, we miss you:

Breeze Custodial Solutions

Daniels & Associates Software

Rimrock Technologies