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The Whole Equation

Classic workloading uses tasks and task groups to estimate labor. It ignores what the tasks actually are: Tasks implicitly assume equipment and consumables. And, we understand why this aspect has been avoided by developers. Equipment and consumables are a relatively small part of customers' overall budgets, and for the developer, creating these of tools is very difficult.

However, that doesn't help the JanSan distributor much since from that point of view equipment and consumables are everything. Our tools complete the picture by incorporating these things into the analyis so you can easily generate the best overall solution for both you and your customer.

Level the playing field

Large manufacturers in the industry spent millions developing workloading software. And, they have the volumes needed to support a cadre of specialists to manage their software and provide cloud-based solutions to their customers.

We have better software and a better business model that allows you to provide the same service.

  • Give your salesforce something to talk about other than just product

  • Give your salesforce something to offer besides just product

  • Give your salesforce smart solutions, based on the whole picture

  • Give your salesforce something useful they can give to the customer

  • Give your customers something they can’t get anywhere else, a combined analysis including consumables, equipment and labor.

And, since we do the work for you, your salesforce can concentrate on what they do best, managing the customer relationship.

The power of the desktop, delivered from the cloud.

The Beauty of the Cloud

Our cloud-based delivery connect us to you and your customers so the information can be shared. Thus, if you want to see what's happening, you can do it from your office.

If you need a new client's space inventory, we do it from our office and you can log in and check it, print reports, or modify it. Or, send us a request and we'll generate the reports and spreadsheets containing the information needed.

So what, exactly, are you offering here?

Simple: Rather than selling you software, we're selling you the service of configuring the software and providing you with the reports and information. After 25 years, we can do all the setup work needed incredibly quickly. And, efficiency translates into very affordable prices. Perhaps unbelievable prices.

Since the software is delivered from the cloud. You can access your clients' data too, and whether you do that or not depends on you. Have some tech-savvy resources, fine, we'll train them and put them to work.

Cloud delivery allows one final step, again as you wish: You can offer your customers use of the software and you determine the price. Perhaps you bundle use the software into an RFQ, perhaps you offer it at nominal cost. Perhaps you offer it for a profit. Again, that's entirely up to you.

Most customers need the software for operational reasons such as creating and changing work assignments. But, the nice thing about having access to that data is that you can see what tasks are performed and offer new products and equipment. And, when needed, the changes can appear in their system, almost miraculously.

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  1. Equipment: Our software has an equipment library
    Equipment: Our software has an equipment library
    You can have any, or all your equipment in the equipment library. Equipment can be configured to include production rates, service, and anything else needed to produce detailed reports such the impact of replacing tasks with differing equipment assumptions.
  2. Consumables: Our software has a supply library
    Consumables: Our software has a supply library
    You can have as many products as you like in the library and products can be configured for consumption based on task associations, coverage factors, and dilution ratios. And, since every client is different, costing can easily be modified via spreadsheets.
  3. Labor: Our comprehensive system gives you everything you can ask for...
    Labor: Our comprehensive system gives you everything you can ask for...
    We can produce over 300 reports to answer any customer question. Your salesforce can compete with the best anywhere, and, if they want to learn how to access these reports themselves, we'll help. Otherwise, ask and ye shall receive.
Call us for more information, we're here to help.