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Cleaning Management Software
Determining the workload requires consideration of tens of thousands of tasks done in thousands of rooms: that's why it's called 'workloading' software and very few in the industry handle the complexity easily.
iManage Informed Core Software is the premier labor estimation and analysis tool on the market today. Derived from over a quarter of a century of experience, we build a rock-solid facility model to answer all questions about the cost of cleaning. Using it, managers make intelligent (data-driven) decisions rather than guesswork.

The advantage of this approach is that all calculations are based on a common set of standards. And, this makes it easy to balance the work fairly among the staff.
  1. True Workloading
    There are many simple programs out there that purport to determine cleaning time. But there are very few that actually take in a complete space inventory (buildings, floors, and rooms) and are driven by size, task frequencies, item quantities, and task times for each room. It's only this granularity that allows accurate customization, work assignment generation and detailed quality assurance.
  2. Everything but...
    The system has just about everything but the kitchen sink. User levels (with automatic login), seven independently controlled assignment shifts (e.g. 2-day weekend shifts), option to set fixture counts on a per-room basis are just a few. Contact us for a demo, you won't be disappointed.
  3. Quality Assurance
    There's nothing like QA integrated into you core data. Your entire space inventory is easily accessed by the companion inspection application and you control everything from the item weighting to the pre-loaded comments. We call it iSpec and you can view more details at iSpecQA.com
  4. Automation
    The template-driven design allows completely automatic task frequency setting when a room is placed into a work assignment. The system accommodates both primary and secondary task sequences, as well as automatic adjustment for the work assignment's length in days per week.
  5. Time Studies
    Our system allows you to time-study assignments, area types and tasks to settle issues definitively. The system performs statistical analysis and allows feedback of changes into task assumptions.
  6. Reasonable Cost
    The logical approach used in the design allows efficient setup by trained consultants and distributors. That, and pricing based on facility size makes the system affordable and cost-effective. Thus, a decent ROI can be achieved easily and show you how in our demo.
Task Level Detail Report for a Room
iSpec inspection software runs on any device
Work assignment dashboard