Cleaning Management Solutions
Software is just part of the product

How much time does it take to clean the facility?

In today's tough business climate, environmental service departments need solutions, not more problems. They want answers, not more questions. They need cost-savings, not costly products.

Determining the work load can involve consideration of over 100,000 tasks per 3000 rooms, some tasks repeated on multiple shifts. This requires an industrial-strength solution.

Solutions don't involve handing you materials and asking you to build the solution. Real solutions save time and decrease stress rather than the opposite.

We build a solution and hand you the keys. After a quarter of a century, we have the keys.

Monitor with core software displayed
overlay inspection software on tablet and phone

Want some details? Although you'll never have to deal with much of this, unlike our competitors, we're happy to give you a taste of how our software actually looks and what you can do:

  1. Space Inventory navigation tree is one of three user can view
  2. Pop-up dialog showing room-level fixture count control
  3. Software's ability to easily exclude rooms from calculations
  4. Rooms in a column with 10 bar graph showing relative cleaning times
  5. Pop-up dialog with Carpet Task definition
  6. Task quantity, task frequency, hours and costs per year showing for all tasks
  7. Primary and secondary task frequencies are set automatically when rooms are added to work assignments
  8. Options including adding or moving primary or secondary frequencies
  9. Cleaners can track with rooms are cleaned
  10. Grid with eight rows and many columns
  11. Item inspection screen

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